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Fall Technical Conference, at your fingertips.

Why Attend

Fall Technical Conference is the can’t-miss conference and exhibition for flexographers.

Fall Technical Conference will focus on people, processes and productivity while exploring how to do more with less.

Changes in our workforce personnel and how people want to work mean we have to find better ways to accomplish more with less and appeal to the modern flexographer.

How to cultivate your workforce to improve productivity and product quality.

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Productivity is at the top of every employer’s list of priorities—But what about people efficiencies?

Providing your workforce with technology, proper training and support need to come as a full package.

Cultivating your workforce goes beyond basic pressroom skills.

Implementing the full package instills ownership and pride in every production employee, and translates into product quality.

An expanded gamut print project demonstrating a new method for generating ECG curves.

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New methods for creating press curves have evolved rapidly over the past few years.

This year’s conference will explore one new method even further as a project team produces an expanded gamut project utilizing The Optimal Method to generate the seven curves.

Additionally, we will hear from some of the early pioneers of expanded gamut printing as they share their journeys of success.

Why calibration, communication and process control are crucial for achieving accurate color reproduction.

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Calibration, communication and process control are keys to any successful workflow.

Often we hear a lot about optimization, fingerprinting and characterization, but what do we need to do to make sure those highly important steps stick?

Calibration in flexography is crucial for achieving accurate color reproduction, maintaining image sharpness and consistency for optimizing print quality.

It is a systematic process that involves careful adjustments and measurements to achieve the desired print results, providing reliable and high-quality print.

Two afternoons of exhibit time at INFOFLEX, a showcase of cutting-edge and innovative solutions.

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INFOFLEX at Fall Technical Conference brings the 40+ year legacy of INFOFLEX to the intimate environment of Fall Technical Conference.

For more than four decades, INFOFLEX has stood alone as the most comprehensive and prominent North American package printing event.

Take advantage of the chance to speak one-on-one with technical experts from companies spanning the entire package printing production workflow.

See and experience new technologies, explore new ways to grow your business and do more with less.

Fall Technical Conference, by the Numbers


technical, educational and interactive presentations


industry experts, thought leaders and authorities


exhibiting companies inside INFOFLEX at Fall Technical Conference


package printing technologies spanning the entire production workflow

Who Attends Fall Technical Conference?

Consumer Product Companies

including brand owners, decision makers and product leaders.

Production Workers

including press operators, press assistants, plate mounters and ink technicians.

Prepress Professionals

including graphic artists, prepress technicians, desktop operators, plate makers and color technicians.

Production Management

including pressroom supervisors, prepress supervisors, managers and company owners.


including manufacturers, distributors and their technical support staff.
May 5-8, 2024 | Kansas City, MO
The can’t-miss conference and exhibition for every flexographer.