Why Attend

Can’t-miss technical content, delivered by industry experts, is at the heart of Fall Conference 2021’s conference program.

Finally in-person and together again—after 18 months of attending virtual conferences, staring at a screen, learning from a rectangular box.

Fall Conference 2021 brings a wide range of live presentations containing essential technical content, focused on flexographic evolution, to keep your business productive.

Innovation = Evolution

To evolve is to prepare for the future, with a knowledge of the past.

Presentations—live and in-person—will focus on innovations at the center of flexographic printing’s evolution and how they have increased end-user productivity.

Technical Content from the Most Technical

Fall Conference has a widely held reputation for delivering technical content from industry experts who merge the art with the science.

For more than 20 years, flexographers have attended Fall Conference to enhance their professional development.

Interactive and In-Person

The audience experience at Fall Conference is designed to be interactive and engaging.

Participate in live polls during presentations, and listen to presenters discuss and debate the results. Ask questions during live Q&As at the conclusion of each session. Take notes and follow along with copies of each presentation’s proceedings.

Learn It—Then See It and Feel It

Don’t just hear about flexographic evolution—Experience it during INFOFLEX at Fall Conference.

Included with Fall Conference 2021 registration, INFOFLEX at Fall Conference brings more exhibitors, more space and more time to see next-generation package printing technologies, and consult one-on-one with the companies behind them.

Attendees represent every part of the flexographic workflow:

Production Workers

including press operators, press assistants, plate mounters and ink technicians, receive the professional development needed to be productive using modern pressroom tools and techniques.

Prepress Professionals

including graphic artists, prepress technicians, desktop operators, plate makers and color technicians, are educated on how to excel in the use of modern prepress workflow software and hardware.

Production Management

including pressroom supervisors, prepress supervisors, managers and company owners, gain the knowledge of modern pressroom and prepress tools, industry trends, and state-of-the-art techniques needed to support production staff.


including manufacturers, distributors and their technical support staff, bring their knowledge base up to the same level as their customers, empowering their ability to demonstrate value as true print partners.

Attendee Registration Includes

Watch 20+ technical presentations in eight interactive sessions:

  • Participate in live audience polls
  • Ask questions to presenters and have them answered live
  • Conference proceedings, to take notes and follow along

Access to complimentary events:

  • INFOFLEX at Fall Conference, with next-generation package printing technologies and solutions
  • The Awards Banquet, where recent recipients of FTA’s honors and awards will be recognized in person

Attendee Rates

Watch Fall Conference 2021 on Demand

Unable to attend Fall Conference 2021 in person?

With Fall Conference 2021 On Demand, every technical presentation and discussion is available to watch 24/7, from anywhere and from any device.