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The Future Is Here

Discover how the flexographic print process is evolving, with groundbreaking innovation in prepress and production.

Explore a full-sized exhibition floor, and network with print partners from every part of the flexographic workflow.

See and touch the future of flexography, at Fall Conference 2022.

Watch FTA’s new President Robb Frimming and Director of Education Joe Tuccitto discuss one of Fall Conference 2022’s highlights: The Optimal Method.

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A Groundbreaking Print Project

For nearly 100 years, the printing industry has relied on the Murray-Davies equation to calculate TVI for plate curves, as well as for process control. But in recent years, there have been other techniques introduced as alternatives to TVI.

Fall Conference 2022’s groundbreaking print project will show a printed comparison of TVI, ICC (color management), SCTV and a cutting-edge methodology known as The Optimal Method.

How does it look? Take out your loupe, grab your print sample and see the results for yourself visually and scientifically, by studying the supporting data behind each methodology.

A Look at Flexography’s Future

Plate Curves 2

Set the stage by studying a comprehensive flexographic industry forecast and get a FIRST look at what FTA has in store for the future of flexography.

Plus, a review of traditional color calibration techniques and an introduction to a cutting-edge technology that will change how we calibrate color in the future.

Expert Panels, Answering Your Questions

Two teams of industry experts dissect problems that arise in graphic arts as well as pressroom production—submitted by you.

Diagnose the cause of these problems and determine how to remedy them to yield productive results.

Conference Program

Explore the technology leading flexography into the future.

Listen to three days of technical presentations from industry experts, as they discuss prepress and production techniques and processes to strengthen your business.

A Full-Sized Exhibition

INFOFLEX at Fall Conference returns in 2022 to showcase the future of package printing—and it’s bigger and better than ever.

Talk to technical experts and specialists from 60 exhibiting companies spanning the entire package printing workflow.

Program Chair

PJ Fronczkiewicz

NA Manager of Technical Marketing & Service at Dupont Cyrel® Solutions

headshot PJ Fronczkiewicz

FIRST 7.0 Is Coming

Debuting at Fall Conference 2022, FIRST 7.0 is a major update to the essential printing methodology.

For 25 years, FIRST has empowered production managers to bring their printing processes to the next level by implementing the procedures and methodologies necessary to produce high-quality and consistent flexographic results, pressrun after pressrun.

Get your hard-cover copy of FIRST 7.0 exclusively at Fall Conference 2022.

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