Preparing for the Future of Prepress Workflows

  October 5

  10:30 a.m.

All great flexographic printing begins in the prepress department, where evolution never stops.

Automated prepress workflow systems continue to advance with every new version of software. Whether we are evolving from fingerprinting into utilizing SCTV, or not, traditional optimization and characterization still need to be employed. With these systems in place, consistent output and mounting are essential.

Listen to a group of prepress experts describe how these methods are used, and their real-world applications.


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From Artboards to the Cloud

Hank Welter, TC Transcontinental Packaging
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Join Hank for a review of prepress workflows as they have evolved from artboards to the Cloud. He will also look at where we came from, where we are today and offer his thoughts on where the future is taking flexographic prepress.
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Smyth Companies’ Evolution of Color Control

Kim Madigan, Smyth Companies LLC
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The past 24 years has seen Smyth Companies embark on an extensive color journey.

Join Kim as she reviews what the process looked like, including an examination of older technologies and standard industry behaviors, transitional steps through the years and what this process looks like today when adopting new global standards.
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What the Future of Plate Technology and Plate Mounting Systems Holds

Daniel Magallanes, Miraclon Corp
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Will a robot be your next hire in the plate mounting department? How will the latest plate surface technologies vastly improve flexographic printing in the near future?

Join Dan as he examines how today’s plate mounting systems have adopted more robotic features and how surface screening has become a mainstay in the flexographic industry.

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