Evolve or Die: What Does the Future of Flexography Look Like?

  October 4

  9:00 a.m.

Flexography has evolved over time to become the dominant package printing technology—but that evolution is far from over.

Listen to a serious but slightly comical look at what’s on the horizon for the future of flexography, including specific focus on its markets, packaging formats, innovations and consumables.


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Go Out There and Take It

Dave Fleming, We Are Alexander
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In today’s evolving world, you must motivate and inspire everyone you work with to not settle for the status quo and seize every opportunity. Dave will deliver his message through humorous real-world anecdotes, highlighting the importance of humor in the workplace (no matter where the workplace is these days).
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The Future of Flexographic Printing

Sean Smyth, Smithers
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The global market for flexographic print is large and growing. Join Sean as he provides insights on the current state and outlook for the global flexographic print market. He will discuss what the macro trends are in this space and how they affect demand, how COVID-19 is expected to impact this market, the global forecast for flexographic print, the outlook for flexography in each packaging market, what the future holds for different flexographic print equipment and the various regional implications.

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