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Color Workflows: Then and Now

About This Session

Industry experts examine traditional color calibration methods while exploring exciting opportunities for the future of flexographic color workflows.

Presentations & Speakers

Fall Conference 2022 headshot Robb Frimming

Tonal Value Increase, an Aging Praxis

Robb Frimming, President at FTA

Presentation Details
Robb will cover the evolution of using TVI, along with the pros and cons, as a process control method for print quality management. This presentation fits into the overall conference program (A Groundbreaking Print Project) to serve as a reference point to a traditional practice and how the industry is advancing with newer, more precise methods of process control.
Speaker Bio
About Robb: Robb Frimming, FTA’s new president, most recently served as print services director at SGK, leading a team of print service specialists. The team specializes in implementing print quality programs with CPCs, retailers and quick-service restaurants, along with their printer partners. With a broad industry background, Robb had 23 years of service with Schawk and 35 years’ experience having held positions that include operations management, color management and technical print services.
He has a degree from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, and also serves as an adviser to their graphic communications program. Robb has a passion for education and has contributed curricula to community colleges in Indiana and Michigan. He served FTA as an executive team member of the FQC (Flexo Quality Consortium) and as the co-chair of the FIRST Committee. Robb has contributed articles to FLEXO Magazine, along with other industry publications, and has presented at multiple FTA FORUMs, Workshops and Fall Conferences.
Fall Conference 2022 headshot Kim Madigan

Traditional Near-Neutral Calibration

Kim Madigan, Director of Corporate Color Management at Smyth Companies

Presentation Details
Kim will review the Near Neutral methodology and the positive impact this has had on the print process.
Speaker Bio
About Kim: Kim is the director of corporate color management at Smyth Companies. She is responsible for the prepress groups and color control processes across the organization. Kim has more than 30 years of experience in the flexographic industry and is a former member of the FTA Board of Directors and FFTA Board of Trustees.
Fall Conference 2022 headshot Julian Fernandez

Traditional CMS

Julian Fernandez, Business Development Manager at Esko

Presentation Details
See how color management works and how profiles are used throughout the workflow. Julian will present the concept of L*a*b* and an overview on how to properly profile a flexographic press after optimization of the printing process. He will also examine the other elements needed and the roles of the proofing device and soft proofing.
Speaker Bio
About Julian: Julian is Esko’s business development manager flexo Americas. He has 35 years in the graphic arts industry; 13 of those he worked in production, both prepress and press. He brings extensive experience with DuPont’s digital and analog color proofing solutions as well as DuPont Cyrel digital flexographic plates.
Julian holds a master in engineering university degree and a post degree in marketing. He holds certifications in Six Sigma Green Belt, Idealliance (G7 Expert – CMP Professional) and is an FTA FIRST Implementation Specialist. Julian served as a session chair at FORUM 2017 and 2018, and has contributed to multiple past and current versions of the FIRST document. He speaks fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
Fall Conference 2022 headshot Charles Spontelli William Birkett

An Introduction to the Optimal Method

Charles Spontelli, Associate Professor Emeritus at Bowling Green State University and William Birkett, Engineer at Doppelganger LLC

Presentation Details
The Optimal Method is a new print calibration technique using tone curves to match an ICC profile. Charles and William will explain how the technique works with a flow chart and animations. PressCal is free open-source software implementing The Optimal Method. The presenters will explain its most important features for flexographic printers and how it supports FIRST.
Speaker Bios
About Charles: Charles has worked in some facet of the printing industry his entire career. He is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, with a Master of Science from the School of Printing. He is an associate professor emeritus at Bowling Green State University. Charles taught courses in printing technology and color applications.
Charles and William Birkett have collaborated on color calibration for printing research since 2003. William and Charles created the Colorimetric Tone Value which is now Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV), an ISO standard. Their color calibration research has evolved to become “The Optimal Method” for making calibration curves. These curves direct a printing process to optimally match any ICC or proprietary color reference.
About William: William Birkett has engineering degrees from the University of Michigan. After a short stint in the automotive business, he started a prepress company, Precision Color Inc, which prospered for many years. He and a colleague, Charles Spontelli, got involved with print standards in 2003. Together, they developed a press calibration technique based on measurements of near-neutral colors. Since 2005, William has worked as a print quality consultant.
At the TAGA annual meeting in 2018, William and Charles introduced an improved calibration technique known as The Optimal Method. Since then, they’ve developed an open-source software tool, PressCal, to implement this improved technique. William is glad for the opportunity to apply his math and engineering skills to help the printing industry.

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