Adopting New Workflow Methodologies

  October 5

  8:30 a.m.

As color workflows have evolved and will continue to evolve, how do we educate brand owners about these new practices and the ways in which they can enhance their packaging’s shelf appeal?

Industry professionals will discuss their own workflow methodologies—including SCTV (Spot Color Tone Value)—the histories of those methodologies, how they are being used today and what it takes to prepare brand owners and printers.


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Flexography Has Come a Long Way—So Where’s the Finish Line?

Steve Smiley, SmileyColor & Associates LLC & the Brand Owners Council
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Flexographers that hold FIRST Company Certification and adopt new workflow methodologies are the trailblazers in the eyes of brand owners. New standards have taken the flexographic industry to higher levels, surpassing other print processes. In the past 18 months, those trailblazers have adopted new technologies that have improved brand owners’ confidence and satisfaction.

Steve will describe, from a brand owner’s perspective, how printers implementing new technologies has simplified the brand owner workflow. He will also explain how printers, by adopting new workflow methodologies and taking on the responsibility of simplifying the supply chain, improve their margins.
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An Intuitive Look at Spot Color Tone Value

Mark Samworth, Esko
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While spectral data and L*a*b* have become the major metrics for quantifying color throughout the printing industries, there is still a need to quantify the tone value of an individual color with a single number.

Murray-Davies Tone Value (MDTV) is a density-based metric which works only for CMYK colors and results in measured values that are far larger than the human eye perceives. Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) is an L*a*b*-based metric which works for all colors and results in measured values which are very close to that which the human eye perceives.

Join Mark as he reviews the need for a tone metric, compare SCTV to MDTV and show examples of SCTV in use today.
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Workflow Processes That Create Success with Your Customers

Kirk Birchler, Berry Global
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With the last 18 months being anything but normal, one area that wasn’t a struggle for Berry Global was getting a customer’s approval on a new print piece—even when they couldn’t attend the pressrun. Join Kirk as he describes the workflow best practices Berry Global has developed and used to help prepare for the unprecedented pandemic and exceed customers’ expectations.

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