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Get details about the content and presenters in each session at Fall Conference 2021.

Learn from industry experts how every facet of flexographic printing has evolved.

See the newest technologies, tools and techniques used by flexographers at the top of their game.

Discover how to grow and excel your production, your workforce and your business in 2021, 2031 and beyond.

Evolve or Die: What Does the Future of Flexography Look Like?

Listen to a serious but slightly comical look at what’s on the horizon for the future of flexography, including specific focus on its markets, packaging formats, innovations and consumables.

FTA’s Technical Committees: Then and Now

Hear the leadership teams from FTA’s FIRST and FQC Committees as they preview updates to FIRST and research projects, as well as reveal the plans for the future of these technical committees.

Adopting New Workflow Methodologies

Industry professionals discuss their own workflow methodologies—including SCTV—the histories of those methodologies, how they are being used today, and what it takes to prepare brand owners and printers.

Preparing for the Future of Prepress Workflows

All great flexographic printing begins in the prepress department. Listen to a group of prepress experts describe how modern workflow systems are used, and their real-world applications.

The Pressroom Workflows of Tomorrow

Hear leading press manufacturers explain how they have enhanced the way operators control presses and receive technical support through cutting-edge technologies.

Technical Innovation, in the Customer’s Own Words

Three printers, along with the 2020 FTA Technical Innovation Award recipients, discuss how these technologies have impacted their businesses.

Productive Packaging Production

Listen to a group of experts dissect their challenges and successes as they construct a roadmap for the future.

Evolve or Die: Looking Back at Evolutionary Flexographic Milestones

A collection of recent FTA Hall of Fame inductees share insights into some of the most meaningful advancements—both native to and outside the industry—and how they have impacted their careers and flexography as a whole.

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